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1 - What shall I wear or take on the walk?
In Newfoundland we can have sudden changes in weather. So bring rain gear, sunscreen, water bottle, camera and comfortable walking shoes.

2 - Is this a very strenuous walk?
This walk is suitable for all ages and can be best described as a comfortable stroll.

3 - Is the historical morning tour suitable for children ?
This tour is a terrific learning experience for young people and they will really enjoy it. Now very young children the history might be too difficult for very young children (Under 8) Please note no children permitted on the Rum Walk as visits are made to a couple of pubs and we end this tour on George Street.

4 - Will there be time for questions ?
Yes. Absolutely. All tours have interactive dialogue built into them and this is why limited numbers on each walk. At the end of the tour comments, suggestions and even debates are welcome. Even though each tour will be action packed you will have time to interact with other members on the walking tour. This means each walk is really special.

5 - Can walks focus on a particular theme ?
Yes. Some groups like to focus on house types styles, the Great fire, Churches etc. Please let me know that when booking the tour for your group.

6 - What happens it rains ?
Tours go ahead and make sure you have rain gear. Conditions do change quickly. Boyle Tours reserves the right to cancel tours in the interests of safety.

7 - Are all walks wheel chair accessible?
The morning historical walk is wheelchair accessible modified. Please let us know your needs in advance. The Rum Walk is not wheel chair accessible.

8 - How long are the walks ?
Morning Historical walk about 80 minutes approx. 1.5 kms
Rum walk are about two hours. Depends on your group.1.5kms.

9 - How many stops do you make?
Normally about ten official presentations.

10 - Are the tours in the busy down town part of St John’s ?
Morning walk is certainly well removed from down town traffic.
The Rum walk starts of the beaten path but it will end in the George St. district.

11 - Can I buy CD of speeches on the walk?
Yes. Let me know in advance . CD cost $10 each

12 - At the end of the tour can I get information on other things to do in the city and in Newfoundland ?
At the end of each tour I province a small map of the city for you. I can answer your questions and make suggestions (If asked). If you require specific brochures and other information then I will give you directions to the St John’s Tourist Office. 346 Water Street. Telephone

13 - Can you arrange cultural tours for elementary and high schools on a cultural or literary theme ?
During the fall and spring tours for schools goes into full swing.

14 - Why is it essential to make reservations ?
The purpose of Boyle tours is to provide a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience for everyone on all tours. There is limited space on all tours.

15 - Do you do any step-on bus tours?
Yes .During the fall cruise season I often act as a step bus guide.
Have your Convention group contact me.

16 - Are you in any way related to Sir Cavendish Boyle a former Governor of Newfoundland ?
I get asked this question almost every other walk. Now I hate to keep you in suspense but during each walk we answer this question in a very interesting manner.