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    photo courtesy of The Telegram
Michael Boyle
"Newfoundland is not merely
a place but it is a state of mind. So enjoy the journey and the real fun is being able to have a laugh."


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Covid-19 Update 2020


Because of the ongoing Covid Pandemic
Boyle Walking tours
will not operate this summer.

See you all in May 2021.

Boyle Tours featured in the Michelin Green guide book


  “A walk with Boyle tours through the old downtown
St. John's is an incredible cultural experience that will offer a real sense of St John’s history.”

Tourism Guide and Conventioneer. 2005

I have lived all my adult life in Newfoundland. As a child I grew up in Ireland and went to school there and my English teacher was Seamus Heaney the famous Nobel Prize winning poet.

So as a result my main interest is in the arts-especially history and drama. I have taken part in a number of local dramatic productions. I had a lead role in “All the Kings Horses” by the Hibernian Players. In 2002 I had a role in Beothuck Street players Festival winning production of the “The Beauty Queen of Leenane.” I am an active member of the local branch of the St John’s Story Telling Circle. I have taught social studies at the elementary and high school levels and in 2002 I taught the “Effective Teaching “course to student teachers at Memorial University of St John’s Newfoundland. In June 2007 I presented a paper to the Canadian Association of Irish studies meeting in St John’s at Memorial University.

I have written several freelance articles for newspapers in Canada and Ireland on the folklore and history of Newfoundland. My interests include the outdoors, camping, meditation, speaking Gaelic and Tai Chi. I describe myself as being ‘Panasonic” ( slightly ahead of my time). Come along on a walk and I will tell you more. I am waiting to hear from you .Call early to reserve your spot on the tour.


Remember Newfoundland is not merely a place but it is a state of mind. So enjoy the journey and the real fun is being able to have a laugh.


Michael Boyle